Update: Daniel calls for LTN suspension

Today works commenced to introduce traffic calming measures on Oxford Road in Littlemore, resulting the road being closed to through traffic. As might be expected, residents have taken exception to the suggested diversion through Sandford, leaving only Newman Road as the means of entering and exiting Littlemore. Quite apart from the disastrous traffic impact, this arrangement has resulted in the 3A bus making a very unsafe turn to enter and leave Littlemore, making what was already a hazardous road even worse for local residents,

To that end, I have sent the following communication to Councillor Tim Bearder, who holds the transport portfolio at the Liberal Democrat led County Council, and copied in Littlemore’s local County Councillor Michele Paule, who is part of the Labour group that supports the Liberal Democrats and provides them with a working majority.

I am persuaded that urgent action is needed before there is a serious injury on Newman Road. If you want to show your support you can email Cllr Bearder through the details on his public profile, and you can also support a new petition calling for the urgent suspension of the LTN: https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/suspend-the-littlemore-ltn

The parties controlling the County Council have pledged to listen to residents. Through this letter and the petition, I hope we can make Littlemore’s concerns heard.

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