Unlock Littlemore: Stop the Low Traffic Neighbourhood

Like you, I am outraged by the Cowley Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) scheme. We are proud of our local community in Littlemore, and also proud to belong to a global city like Oxford. It is unacceptable that a parish already distanced by poor transport links and irregular buses should be hit with the double whammy of fewer access roads into our community, and increased traffic through roads such as Oxford Road that are already beyond capacity. It is unjust and unfair. It is not what I want for my family, nor what other families in Littlemore want for their loved ones in the years ahead.

The Temple Cowley LTN – which has separated Littlemore from the rest of east Oxford

As the Conservative candidate for Littlemore ward in the City Council election, and for Rose Hill and Littlemore division for the County Council election, I pledge if elected to use my office to oppose the LTN trial, and ensure that this devastating and damaging policy does not become permanent.

I have taken immediate steps to contact the relevant Cabinet minister for Oxfordshire County Council, Cllr Yvonne Constance, and have copied the letter to Littlemore’s current City and County Councillors, and to our local MP. A public copy of this letter is available here.

From speaking to Conservative colleagues on related issues, I know that they are persuaded by reasonable and evidence-based arguments. As part of my campaign, I want to achieve three goals:

  1. Gathering evidence through a community survey, reporting actual incidents caused by the LTN blockages – the survey can be accessed HERE: https://forms.gle/RSDUzaBrBYwpNKNK8
  2. Asking residents to sign a petition opposing the scheme, so that the weight of popular opinion can be clearly seen – you can sign it HERE: https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/end-traffic-barriers-in-littlemore-and-cowley
  3. Finally, I am making this a central pledge of my election campaign – a vote for Daniel Stafford is a vote to unlock Littlemore and stop the LTN.

I know that many Littlemore residents will be facing the prospect of considering a Conservative vote for the first time. I do not take that ask lightly, and understand that if you place your faith in me, I carry an obligation to deliver upon that trust and succeed.

I firmly believe that the swing required to take the seat from Labour and elect me as your Councillor would send a powerful message to the City and County Councils that Littlemore is serious, and wants to be heard. I will do my very best for you, and together we can win for Littlemore.