My Priorities for Littlemore 2016

As candidate for the Littlemore ward in 2016, these are my top three priorities for the ward:

ONE: Campaigning for better transport links
As a regular commuter to the city centre I share the frustrations of Littlemore residents that the 16 and T2 services are infrequent and chronically unreliable. If elected I will lobby the relevant authorities and service providers to:
– Increase frequency of the 16 service from half hourly to quarterly.
– Ensure that the 16 is a dedicated route rather than shared with the 12, freeing the bus from the Cowley Road traffic jam.
– Re-establish the direct connection from Rose Hill to the Train Station.

TWO: Preserving the historic character of Littlemore
I want the Conservative team to play a positive role in solving our housing shortage, whilst also ensuring that historic areas such as Littlemore do not lose their character in the process. This means:
– Lobbying the City and County councils to consider the impact new developments will have upon existing road infrastructure.
– Speaking on behalf of residents to ensure that new developments are in keeping with the aesthetics of the area.

THREE: Investment for Littlemore
In contrast to other areas of Oxford, Littlemore has received comparatively little investment, despite two long-serving Labour councillors. I would contest for finance from the Council to be allocated to important projects in Littlemore, including:
– Making the walkways under the ring road better lit and more secure.
– Lobbying the County Council to make the ring-road roundabout safer for residents trying to enter Littlemore via Oxford Road.
– Investment in community spaces, and especially in lighting for children’s play areas.

I also fully support Oxford Conservatives’ five-point plan for the forthcoming City Council elections: