About the blog

Welcome to my blog! This blog is the result of conversations with friends; many are loosely interested in politics, and appreciate the importance of engaging with the political process, but are either completely switched off by modern politicians, and/or unsure where to start on making informed decisions. I’ve been asked for my opinion often enough that I thought I may as well make the opinions available in pixels!

While the blog is absolutely for everyone who wishes to read it, and I very much enjoy engaging with the readership, it will not take long for my own political preferences to become evident! I hope those who read and comment will do so in good spirit, and even where we disagree, we can do so without being disagreeable.

I am open to addressing any issue you would like me to comment on – simply fill in the contact form below to send me a request! As a rule, I will comment on applying political theory to present politics, and particularly would like to help Christians to engage intelligently with the issues regarding faith in political life. I do hope that in some way my thoughts will be helpful to you.

To learn more about me, and why I like to comment on politics, please visit the “About Me” page.


All the views expressed on this blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Conservative Party, my employers or my church.

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