About Daniel

Daniel & Janine

Daniel lives in Oxford with his wife Janine, where he works for a national Christian charity, is Deputy Chairman of Oxford East Conservative Association, and worships at Emmanuel Church.

Growing up in east Belfast, Daniel couldn’t help but be impacted by the political legacy of ‘The Troubles’, experiencing first-hand both political mastery and political ineptitude. Interest grew both into activism and study – he studied Modern History and Politics and Queens University Belfast, before deciding one degree wasn’t enough and studying an MPhil in Politics at the University of Oxford. He takes undue pride in being an amateur psephologist, is a reluctant statistician where necessary, and is probably a historian by instinct.

After initially getting involved in Northern Irish politics, he joined the Conservative Party in 2007 and has been an active member of the party ever since. While in Oxford he got involved with other politically minded members of his church who formed a network called ‘Nexus’. Daniel shares the network’s aspiration to help Christians to connect their faith with issues of politics and social justice.


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